23 Jul 2019

Alpha 1.0 is out !

This is it ! The alpha of We Are Prophunters is finally available ! 

FastDL has been added to the server, you won't have any problems with missing m... Read more
By [GEMU] Zeldris

10 Nov 2018

Brand new skins added into the Pointshop !

We just added more skins into the game's Pointshop ! Here are some photos of them. We added some skins for normal users, but al... Read more
By [GEMU] Zeldris

10 Nov 2018

Pointshop added into the game !

The Pointshop is now in the server ! You can now buy things directly into the game !

(Well, the skin at the rig... Read more
By [GEMU] Zeldris

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